This is my blog during my time in the Youth Partners in Development program and in particular the two HIV/Aids projects that I will carry out in Zambia and in Sweden. I will share with you my experiences and impressions from these projects as they proceed.

My name is Josephina Ekedahl and I recently graduated from the Karolinska Institute and got my Bachelors degree in Public Health. My wish is to work in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and I see this as an excellent opportunity for practice. I was accepted by the Swedish Centre for International Youth Exchange to participate in their Youth Partners in Development program (YPD), Spring 2009.

During these six months of participation in the YPD program I will, together with a colleague from Zambia, develop and carry out two projects concerning reproductive health and HIV/Aids. My Zambian colleague and I will also have voluntary work placements that will be related to this issue. YPD is an exchange, January 17th to April 6th will be spent in Zambia and from April 7th to Midsummer we will be working in Kramfors, Sweden.

My friend and colleague Jonna Bertfelt will also participate in the YPD program. She will carry out her projects in Cambodia and Umeå, Sweden. Find her blog under my blogroll!


My participation in this exchange would not be possible without financial support from the following:

Pfizer AB

Svenska Kyrkan Enskede-Årsta församling,  Svenska Kyrkan Bromma församling

I hereby thank you greatly!



  1. […] https://josephinaekedahl.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  2. Jag läser gärna dina rapporter från resan och om ert projekt. Det kommer att bli fullt med upplevelser, intryck och erfarenheter för dig.
    Ha det bra.

  3. […] har här på bloggen vid två tidigare tillfällen kortfattat berättat om Jonna Bertfelts och Josephina Ekedahls projektarbeten i Kambodja respektive Zambia. Läs min beskrivning av några av Pfizers insatser […]


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